Saturday, 23 October 2010

SOS Fruit

It wasn't until my elder daughter left to go to university that I realised exactly how much fruit she ate. Now that she's gone the rest of us are struggling to get through our weekly organic fruit box. This afternoon as I was carrying out one of my irregular inspections of the contents of our fridge I came across not just one, but two punnets of red grapes. If they'd been seedless they would have been devoured by my younger daughter, but she doesn't like having to spit out the pips and, to be perfectly frank, neither do I. So they'd been left to grow slightly soft and wrinkly.

Not wanting to waste them I pressed them through a metal sieve to extract the juice. It was a bit strong on its own but was perfect when diluted half and half with tonic water.

My husband then fried some tired looking apples to go with our pork chops for dinner.

Tomorrow I must remember to look out a recipe for a cake involving pears.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Blog Action Day 2010 - Water

Do you keep the tap running when you brush your teeth?

If the entire population of England and Wales kept their taps off we could save 180 megalitres of water every day! This would be enough to supply nearly 500,00 houses.
I am constantly amazed by how even the most insignificant individual action can have such a tremendous effect when replicated across the population.
Don't let anyone tell you that what you do, or fail to do, doesn't matter.