Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas Cards

We've had workmen in and around our house for ages. Actually it's only been since the end of September, but it feels much longer. As a result I have not been as zero waste as I would have liked to have been in the run up to Christmas. I did, however, manage to make some recycled cards.

The recycled coloured cards and matching envelopes came from Eco-Craft. The pictures were from old Christmas cards and the gold paper is the inner wrapping from Divine chocolate bars. Eating the contents was, of course, the hardest part! I spent a pleasant afternoon composing and sticking designs and hope that they are well received. I was even joined by my daughters whose masterpieces (right) put mine to shame. Although, they only made one each to my dozen!


Benjamin said...

Christmas cards drive me nuts ...

You mentioned Riverford in an earlier entry which makes me think that you might be interested in this beautifully photographed feature about the farm.

If you're interested in embedding the feature on your blog please let me know. Its easy to do and might be something your readers would enjoy.


Benjamin (


Gorgeous cards...looks like you've been hard at work :-D x

just Gai said...

Thanks Benjamin. I popped over to your site and watched the feature on Riverford. It's very inspiring and I would be interested in learning how to embed it in my blog.

just Gai said...

I'm glad you like my cards Mrs Average. It may look like hard work but it felt like fun. So much so that I've decided to try and make all my cards - birthday, easter, anniversary etc - from now on. If nothing else it will save me from the annoying plastic wrappers most greeting cards seem to come in.