Friday, 13 February 2009

Week 6 - Coffee Packets

I have to confess to being a bit of a coffee snob. I love coffee but it has to be the real thing. None of that instant rubbish. Normally we drink cafetiere coffee but for breakfast at the weekend we use a stove top percolator to make strong dark coffee which we dilute with warm foamy milk. The problem with coffee is that most of it comes in mixed material packets with plastic widgets designed to preserve its freshness. Not very environmentally friendly. However, our local deli sells coffee beans, freshly ground to your own specifications, in brown paper bags. And it's organic and fair trade!

Isn't it amazing how many waste-related issues can be solved by shopping local?

Weekly Weigh-In = 230g

This is, unfortunately, up on last week. I baked a cheesecake to take to an NCT reunion and was left with two cream cheese and one double cream container. Reminder to self to chase up Recresco's promise to have more wide ranging plastic recycling facilities in the future.


Katy said...

I agree. Local shopping last week got me dried fruit and nuts in my own containers, and loose cherry tomatoes. And friendly conversation too!

just Gai said...

It's so true Katy. I particularly enjoy my visits to our local butcher (Wherlocks on North Street). Even when there's a queue out the door they're always cheerful and attentive, advising you on what cut to buy and preparing it for you. They'll even give you tips on how to cook it! When I first started cooking for myself I'd rarely buy my meat from a butcher as I had no idea what to ask for. Prepacked meat from the supermarket, with cooking instructions on the reverse, was much easier to cope with. If only I'd had a Bob Wherlock round the corner!