Friday, 19 February 2016

Lent Plastic Challenge: Days 8, 9 & 10

Help!  I've been plasticked!
Day 8:  When I find myself  cooking and eating alone I often take comfort in one of my favourite dishes - boiled egg curry.  I'm sure that even the thought of it will put some people off, but I love it.  However, when I emptied the tin of tomatoes into the pan I was horrified to discover that I had encountered one of the dreaded plastic lined tins that Nicola Holderness had warned me about earlier in the week.  Too late to do anything about it and I have to admit that it did nothing to impair the deliciousness of the sauce.

Wrappers from potatoes?
Day 9: You may remember my apprehension regarding the restocking of loo rolls.  Well, it turns out that our local Southville Deli stocks Essential toilet tissue packaged in polymers made from renewable sources such as potato starch, which is even GM free!  They are, of course, more expensive that the supermarket equivalent but I reckon I save in other areas so I'm not going to quibble over it. 

Single use plastic free fish supper
Day 10:  One of the joys of shopping local and independent is building up a relationship with traders.  Today was only the second time I'd shopped at my local fishmonger, aptly named The Fish Shop,since I started this challenge, yet he remembered that I wouldn't be wanting a plastic bag for my delightfully pink salmon fillets.

Top Tips

  • It's impossible to tell from the outside whether a tin is plastic lined, so make a note of which brands are plastic free.
  • Check out local stores.  Sometimes what you're looking for is closer to home than you'd imagine.
  • Make friends with your local traders. 

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