Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Life after Zero Waste Challenge Week

I have to confess that I found posting a daily blog during the 28 days of the challenge more exhausting than avoiding waste. So I've taken a bit of a break. But I'm back, if not every day, at least every fortnight.

Why every fortnight? Well, although our recycling bins are collected weekly, our rubbish bin is collected only every fortnight, so it makes sense to weigh our rubbish at the same time.

On Thursday 23 October we threw away 445g of waste ie approximately 225g per week, which is disappointing, as I would like to come in under 100g per week. However, without wishing to excuse myself, this was due in part to the fact that my local butcher was on holiday for a week. I could have turned vegetarian but there would have been protests from a younger member of the family. So I resorted to the supermarket where meat comes in rigid plastic containers sealed with plastic film. I meant to weigh the packaging but I forgot. Almost half way through the next fortnight we appear to be doing slightly better but, with a family bereavement, building work and the visit of a French exchange partner, life is a bit more unsettled than usual and, in my experience, this generally means more waste. Which is not to say that I have given up entirely. It's just that I am less stringent than I would otherwise be.

However, there is hope on the horizon, in terms of a local green shop. Recently, despite considerable protest, the government shut our local post office. One of the reasons I gave in opposition to the closure was that it is one of, if not the only, remaining shops in our neighbourhood. However our local postmaster, determined that it should not necessarily be the end of the story, has teamed up with various local producers to open The Bristol Green Store at 10 am on Saturday 1 November. I am particularly interested in the refillable detergents but I am open to temptation from all or any of the other sustainable products on offer.


Mrs Green said...

Good to see you again. The green shop looks great and it was really interesting to read about your week without a butcher - amazing how that plastic packaging pushes the grams of waste up, isn't it?

Have a good fortnight!

mrs G x


Hi Just Gai - It'll be great to have you popping up every couple of weeks. It does require time and effort to blog - I've driven Mr A to distraction some nights, with some of my efforts. The shop sounds lovely. I'll be down in Bristol very briefly at Christmas to visit some of Mr A's family so will try to look it up :-D