Friday, 6 April 2012

Water Water Everywhere - or not?

Yesterday the government introduced a hosepipe ban for counties in the south east of England.  Although it doesn't affect us, it reminded me of my continuing commitment to reduce the amount of water I use.

We have a hosepipe which we rarely use, mainly because our tiny backyard doesn't require it but also because the connector doesn't fit properly so that whenever we try to use it water squirts out all over us and the bathroom walls.  A couple of years ago we installed a water butt which saves us from having to fill buckets from the bath tap and provides us with 'free' water.

Apart from that I turn off the tap when I brush my teeth, I shower, I only flush when necessary, I wait until I've a full load before switching on the machine, I've installed a watersaving device in the cistern, I only fill the kettle with the amount of water I need etc.  It's difficult to see how much more I can do but I'm certainly more aware of my usage than I was even a week ago, which is no bad thing.

Photograph courtesy of the BBC


blue hands said...

yes, it can get difficult to make more savings when you're already well on the case. I did recently hear the suggestion that you could switch off the shower while applying soap or shampoo, but it depends how controllable your shower is!

just Gai said...

I read that too but it wouldn't work with our shower as it takes a few minutes to warm up enough to get in, so I'd only end up wasting more water.

That's one advantage of our old shower. The pressure's so low that we must use considerably less water.