Monday, 9 January 2012

Freezer Roulette - Day Two

This evening's Cullen Spink was delicious.  I tweaked the quantities, adding more potato and water than was required and I left the potato slices whole.  The cayenne pepper provided a bite and the turmeric a pale golden hue.  There didn't appear to be enough fish but its strong smoky flavour made up for it.

Today's discovery is a pair of chicken drumsticks, which will do very nicely for my daughter's tea tomorrow.  She'll have them drizzled in olive oil, baked, perhaps with a couple of cloves of garlic smothered in IKEA gravy and served with a jacket potato.

Last night and again tonight I've also taken out a couple of wholemeal rolls for packed lunches.

Apart from a small loaf of interesting bread to mop up our soup I haven't had to buy any extra food today.

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