Sunday, 4 October 2009

Day 2 - Friday 2 October 2009

Today I had to work overtime. What with that, and it being the end of the week, and my feeling a bit groggy with a cold I cannot shake, I decided that we would have an Indian take away for dinner. We ordered it from The Clove and were able to recycle all the packaging, which was a bonus.

As a result I didn't have much to throw away today:

1 pear core
3 used tea bags

The pear core will be fed to my worms and the tea bags find their way to the compost bin.


mrs green said...

Sorry to hear you have been both busy and unwell - glad to hear you still have time to keep up with our latest ventures though!

Well done on another great day; you're certainly showing people how this can be done!

My theme for next week is zero food waste, so it's very timely with the challenge you are doing!

just Gai said...

I'm feeling a lot better thank you Mrs Green and looking forward to your zero food waste week.