Friday, 9 October 2009

Top Tips for Zero Food Waste

I have come to the end of my Zero Food Waste Challenge, during which I have succeeded in throwing away no more than a few tablespoons of edible food. And none of the inedible waste went to the landfill site, but has all been recycled by some means or other.

The Bristol challenge invites participants to share their tips for avoiding food waste. The prize for the most useful or original suggestion is a cookery course for two at Bordeaux Quay. I am an admirer of Barney Haughton and if I win I would take my elder daughter, who is off to university next year and might appreciate a few lessons to help her keep body and soul together.

So, my top tips are:

1 Stop treating leftovers as waste and start using them as ingredients
2 Store them properly (fridge or freezer) and label them clearly
3 Build up a repertoire of leftover-friendly recipes (soup, stirfrys, risottos, fried rice, omelettes etc)
4 Check your fridge/freezer regularly
5 Invest in a compost bin, wormery or a bokashi bin
6 Try not to be too hard on yourself when, despite your best efforts, you have to throw something away
7 Enjoy the challenge


mrs green said...

What a great week, Just Gai - well done you. Just imagine the difference we could make if we all learned from you! Inspiring stuff and I hope you win the prize, you deserve to :)

just Gai said...

Thank you Mrs Green. I have to confess that I am not always as efficient at avoiding waste but now that I know it can be done, and without much effort, then there is no excuse.

Many of my waste saving habits were learnt from my parents and I just hope that I have, in turn, been successful in passing them on to my girls.


Hi Gareth - sounds like you've had a fabulous week. So sorry not to have managed to follow the events but with my family taking turns to fall ill, it's been a challenge to get to the PC these past weeks, let alone stay at it for any length of time.

I love your tips though and good luck with the prize. I've got my fingers crossed for you :-)

just Gai said...

Thanks Almost Mrs Average. I'll let you know how I fare. Sorry to hear your children have been unwell. I hope they recover soon - or atleast in time for half term!