Saturday, 17 January 2009

Gifts (contd)

An alternative to buying chocolates wrapped in layers of plastic is to make your own. I use Nigel Slater's recipe from Real Food but there are also ones here and here on the BBC website. This is not without its own waste. For example I don't know of a plastic free source of cream. However, if you make them in decent enough quantities then it is probably still less wasteful.

I've offered homemade truffles as Christmas presents and they have been well received. I know I always appreciate homemade gifts.


Layla said...

YAY for making the chocolates!!
& Thanks for the recipes! been thinking to make my own chocolate too...
Ideally, I'd get the cocoa beans and make from scratch..:) /the ones in a local health food store look kinda 'old' and 'fishy'/potentially mouldy.. though..) If you can get fresh-looking ones, maybe this would be worth a try?
(hazelnuts, almonds, dry fruit or such can be bought per weight with your own containers/reused plastic bag too.. no?)
my favorite is dark chocolate so probably this could be made without cream? there are many other recipes online.. still haven't quite decided on which ones to make.. :)

just Gai said...

Gosh, making your own chocolates, how adventurous! Do let me know how you get on.