Friday, 30 January 2009

Week 4 - Meat Packaging

One of the secrets of reducing waste is forward planning, as I have learnt to my cost these past few weeks. My local butcher closes on Monday afternoons and all day Wednesday so, if I want to buy mince or sausages on these days I'm forced to visit my local supermarket, where they are sold in plastic containers or plastic wrappers. The same applies to cold meat. The butcher and deli sell it loose but local supermarkets don't. This week I had to buy chicken in Tescos. Last week it was salami.

This week I'm going to plan my menus in advance so that I don't get caught out.

Weekly Weigh-In = 360g

This is an improvement on last week but 70g more than my current best. I must take this more seriously.


Jen said...

I agree, that packaging on "the basics" like cheese and meat is always inconvenient at big grocery stores. We luckily don't cook much meat, but I often have to go without cheese for a week if I forget to pick it up at the deli (we have pretty strict packaging rules, and if we can't find what we want without plastic wrap, we don't buy it)

just Gai said...

I admire your resolve Jen. I'm trailing a long way behind.

Layla said...

Well, I admire you, justGai!!

Our household has been rather chaotic when it comes to planning meals, so this is one of the things to tackle first!! (grr!!)

It's great that you plan your visits to butcher's this way!

I've dared to buy cheese in a local mini-market so far (they cut it away from a chunk), I'm still afraid to go for meat, as an ex-vegetarian, raw meat is still kinda gross for me, and no one in my family will do it if I don't do it first!! OoO
/also lots of 'conventional' & non-wraw-looking foods are pre-packaged, yikes! in plastic or worse!!)

Also, how do you choose meat containers - bigger just in case, or 'just right'?
What about for chicken or such?
And do you have ones 'just for meat'?

Any words of wisdom? :)