Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Plastic Straws (contd)

I haven't been shopping this week, so no luck yet on the reuseable plastic straw. If only I lived in the USA I could go one better and buy my daughter a glass straw. Thanks to Cousin Yellowstone for sending me to the GlassDharma site with their exquisite creations, in two sizes (the wider one for smoothies!) and supplied with a cleaning brush. Wow!


Layla said...

These look lovely!! Very classy indeed!! - just took a look..

reageer: said...

why not try the paper straw ? they were common 4Oodd yrs ago !!

just Gai said...

Thanks for your suggestion reageer. I remember paper straws from when I was young. What happened to them all? I did find a few sites but they seem designed for caterers rather than individuals. But I'll keep my eyes peeled.

I can't understand why we have moved from paper/card to plastic/polystrene packaging, and can only assume that it is because they are cheaper.