Thursday, 15 January 2009

Week 2 - Gifts

This week's chosen items of waste are a number of empty chocolate packages. The cardboard boxes and foil wrappers have been recycled but the plastic trays that held the choccies remain.

I didn't buy any of these boxes of chocolates. They were all Christmas presents. Which brings me to the problem - how do I let my friends (and family) know that I do not want any waste without causing offence?

I was grateful for the effort to which some of my friends went to offer me environmentally friendly presents - fairly traded and sustainably wrapped. However other presents contained varying amounts of plastic (admittedly some of it hidden). Not that I can claim the moral high ground, as many of the presents I gave my family and friends were wasteful.

Judging by her list of Christmas presents Jen at The Clean Bin Project seems to have got the message across.

Perhaps the trick is to lead by example.

Weekly Weigh-In = 290 g


Katy said...

The thing about leading by example is that sometimes it is not clear what example you are setting!

But, if you lead by example and kind of drop hints at other times (not when you have just received a lovely but overpackaged gift!) that could work. You could show extra special enthusiasm for gifts which happen to be lightly packaged, or make a point of telling people when you find gifts for others that are the same.

Layla said...

I agree about chocolate packaging.. It's one of my 'week points' too.. (&I'm not even sure if the foil gets recycled here..)
Great idea about trying to get local chocolateers more eco!!
I found that some more luxury (and more expensive) lines here in Slovenia have different packaging than cheaper ones..
Also, a 'zero waste' option is to get chocolates in a special shop per weight (no packaging), and put them in a pretty reusable container or glass jar.. (got something like this, in their cardboard box, but one could bring one's own boxes/jars!)
been thinking to do this one for any chocoholics! :)
PS I think it's great you're making your own chocolates!! am working on zero waste cream too! :)

just Gai said...

I like your subtle approach Katy.

We too have shops where you can buy loose chocolates Layla. They tend to be more expensive, which might not be so much of an issue if they're to be offered as a gift. They usually supply their own packaging but might be willing to allow you to bring your own. It would be worth a try.