Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Towards a Waste Free 2009

What with assorted building work and the festive season my weekly weigh-ins were abandoned, the result of which has been that our landfill bin has dramatically increased in volume. However, now that we are back to normal(!), I have reinstated the paper carrier bag on top of the kitchen bin and started to think long and hard before I buy.

Following my success in producing a mere 5 g during Zero Waste Week my weekly total crept up to between 200g and 250g, almost entirely composed of unrecyclable plastic. I'd like to set myself a weekly target of 100g. However, given that half way through this week we'd reached 250g, it's not going to happen overnight, nor without serious reconsideration of our purchases, because that's where it all begins.

I am, however, cautiously optimistic for several reasons.

Firstly, having done it once, I know it can be done again.

Secondly because, with careful planning, it is perfectly possible to cut right back on plastic. It just requires a bit of effort.

Thirdly, the opening of the Bristol Green Store in our old Chessel Street Post Office and the arrival of self service bins in Southville Deli will make it easier to buy waste free staples.

And last, but by no means least, because I am not alone. There are hundreds of you out there, all over the world, committed to a greener way of life and supporting each other along the way.

So, starting this Thursday, I am going to select one piece of waste from my landfill bin and spend the week working out if and how I can ensure that it never turns up in my bin again. Some things are going to be easy but I suspect that the majority of them will prove to be somewhat of a challenge.

Wish me luck!



Good luck with this latest challenge. It really is the best way of doing it, taking one step at a time and what's great is that there is so much more shared experience and knowledge to tap into than there once was.

By the way - love your Christmas wreath. :-D

blue hands said...

I do indeed wish you luck. Where you lead I follow! Seriously, I'm not as good at this no waste business as you, but I am definitely buying less packaged food and checking what plastic can be recycled etc. Did you notice that a new series of "It's not easy being green" has started on BBC2.
M x

just Gai said...

Thanks Mrs A. I'll value any advice you have to offer.

Thanks for leting me know about 'It's not easy being green'. I've had a quick peek at the Bloom website. Too much for one visit. I'll have to return later.

Layla said...

Woohoo, great to see you on the challenge!! :))))))

Really, it's sooo inspiring to read about you all, doing things, getting to zero waste.. I'm really thinking about starting a blog too..

makes you feel less alone... (everybody here thinks I'm crazy anyway :))) or at least, uhm, I challenge their realities a lot... :))

Cheering you on to Zero Waste!! :))

just Gai said...

Hello Layla. Thanks for leaving a comment and your encouragement. I'd heartily recommend a blog. It's helped me crystallise my thoughts and the support I've received from other bloggers has kept me going longer than I would have gone alone.