Monday, 8 September 2008

By Way of Intoduction

Having accepted Bristol's Zero Waste Week Challenge I've decided to separate the countdown and the challenge week itself from my regular blog. My hope is that will serve as a record of my progress, as well as a forum for waste related issues.

I'm a 49 year old woman. I'm married with two teenage daughters. I work part-time as a school secretary. We live in a 3 bedroom terraced house. We do not own a car. We walk or use public transport. We are fortunate enough to have access to fairly comprehensive recycling facilities. The council collects paper, glass, tins, aluminium foil, batteries, old clothes and glasses etc from our black box and kitchen waste from our brown bin. There is a type 1& 2 plastic bottle bank in our local Aldi car park and a tetrapak bank in our local Asda car park. We also have a compost bin and a wormery in our back garden and another compost bin on our allotment.

I am not exactly new to recycling but it is only recently that I have become passionate about it. My motivation is the welfare of my fellow human beings across the planet and its preservation for future generations. I am inspired by celtic christianity, ecowarriors, outspoken writers and fellow bloggers. I try not to be discouraged by those who pooh pooh my efforts. I am compelled to do my bit, however small and insignificant.


Rachelle said...

Hey :)
I just found your blog and I'm right behind you wishing you lots of success.

I KNOW you are going to do brilliantly and I can't wait to follow your progress. It's fab that you are beginning already, to get plenty of practise in before the 'real week'.

Good luck!
Mrs G x


Hooray - have just had my first opportunity to visit having spent most of the last few days in hiding...but just wanted to say it's brilliant that you've not just started your ZWW challenge but that you've set up a brand new blog.

Good luck and I'll be popping in regularly to visit. :-D

just Gai said...

Thank you both for your kind words. You have been my inspiration and I shall need your advice and encouragement.

Mrs Green said...

You shall have all the encouragement you need Just Gai - you're doing so well already :) By zero waste week, you'll be a pro.

Mrs G x

Kris said...

Good Luck Gai - I've just wandered across from My Zero Waste at long last and wanted to add my support :)