Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Day 10

Today's bin is a bit fuller than I would like:
  • plastic packaging from the Tesco's special offer ham I bought the other day
  • plastic packaging from Tesco's mince from another special offer if I bought two - it must be my Scottish blood that makes me fall for it every time - tomorrow I must return to the butcher
  • plastic Mini Cheddars packet from elder daughter's lunchbox - the younger one must have disposed of hers at school - three packets of crisps a week is a compromise between my younger daughter's wish to have one a day and mine to ban them altogether! - I buy them in multipacks but what I save in money I gain in plastic!
  • toothpaste tube - I've heard that you can use baking soda but what about the fluoride? - I'll have to investigate further
  • beer bottle cap
  • plastic seal from plastic milk bottle
  • small piece of sticky tape
  • plastic lid from Coca Cola bottle
  • plastic inner wrapper from Tesco's wholewheat cereal

I was out at a parents' meeting and, on the way home, I gave in to temptation and bought a bag of chips. They were wrapped in paper with a wooden fork but they also came with a small polystyrene tray. I felt terribly guilty but then I discovered that is just the right size to place under my bean sprouter to allow it to drain without wetting my work surface. Blushes spared!


Mrs Green said...

HA! I love the creative reuse of your polystyrene tray - that's a great idea!

Mrs G x

blue hands said...

Another way of re-using polystyrene is to break it up and use it at the base of plant pots for drainage.

M x

just Gai said...

Thanks for the tip Moira. Your suggestion has saved a plastic bag full of polystyrene in our back garden from this week's bin!