Thursday, 25 September 2008

Day 18

Well the promised article didn't appear. No competition against the grand opening of Bristol's very own Harvey Nichols, I suspect. Still, not to worry. The challenge goes on.

The yoghurt was a success. It's chilling in the fridge and I may have some of it for breakfast tomorrow morning.

This afternoon I finally managed to refill my Ecover laundry and washing up liquids at Windmill Hill City Farm, saving me from the purchase of two new plastic bottles and even from Ecover washing tablets, which come in a cardboard outer box but plastic inner wrappers.

Deciding on which products to buy on the basis of their packaging is no easy matter. Outer wrapping is easy to establish but there is often no indication of what lies beneath. I got caught yesterday in Tescos when I bought a packet of frozen breaded cod fillets. The packet was cardboard and when I picked it out of the freezer it felt as if the fillets were moving freely within. However, when I got it home I discovered an inner plastic bag. I hope that I shall be able to recycle it in Sainsbury's plastic bag recycling bin, but it is nonetheless unnecessary waste.

Today's bin is my slimmest yet:
  • one plastic straw - and even this was brought into my house by a visitor!


John Costigane said...

Hi Gai,

Well done with the minimal waste. It can be done. I hope this spurs you on to greater effort.

It is not always easy to tell the contents. Learn from experience and only choose the Zero Waste option.

I prefer fresh fish/meat which go into containers. Some superstores could support this option.

Sarah said...

One donated straw? That's fabulous! I'd have made them take it home...

just Gai said...

Hi Sarah
The problem of univited waste entering the house is a tricky one. Hopefully, once people know how I feel there may be less of it, because I wouldn't wish to hur anyone's feelings.