Friday, 19 September 2008

Day 12

Tomorrow morning I am going to have to take my daughters to their orchestra rehearsal. We will travel by bus which means that we will have to leave early (8:20) and be back late (13:40). So today I made cranberry muffins for quick and easy breakfast to grab with a glass of milk on our way out the door, and a loaf of bread to make sandwiches to eat on the way home.

The cranberries came from the freezer where they must have been lurking since Christmas. I googled the codes on the punnet and lid (Sharpak SP60 and Sharpak SF500) which took me to the company's website. It is apparently committed to the environment but I couldn't find what type of plastic the punnet and lid were made of or how they could be recycled. So I'm afraid they will end up in a landfill site. There was also the obligatory square of bubble wrap at the bottom of the punnet which will join them in the bin.

The bread came from a Dove's mix I'd bought at the Organic Food Festival. It's called Ezekiel Bread from a verse from the book of that name - "Take thou also unto thee wheat, barley, beans, millet and fitches, and put them into one vessel and make thee bread thereof" - Ezekiel 4:9. It hasn't risen as well as I had hoped but it smells good and should go well with the slices of ham I bought from the butcher this afternoon. The baking try is greaseproof paper which can be recycled but the outer paper wrapper is lined with OPP(?)and the inner wrapper is non-recyclable plastic. So, not so good on the no waste front, which is a shame as it's 100% organic wholegrain.

Anyway, with a bit of forward planning tomorrow morning should run like clockwork ... if I manage to get up on time that is!

Today's bin contained:
  • plastic outer wrapper from Mini Cheddars multipack
  • black plastic cork
  • plastic punnet, lid and bubblewrap from Tesco's cranberries
  • plastic wrappers from Dove's Ezekiel bread mix

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