Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Day 16

Another day and another meal inspired by leftovers. Fusilli tossed in red pesto sauce (from a recyclable jar) and leftover chicken pan fried in olive oil with a few cloves of garlic and a couple of chopped spring onions. The girls had it with corn on the cob and I had it with vine tomatoes roasted with a splash of more olive oil and sea salt.

Tomorrow I'll boil the chicken carcass to make stock which will then be combined with this week's leeks and few potatoes to create one of my favourite soups. The arrival of winter heralds the return of the meal in a bowl. All you need to accompany it is a hunk of homemade bread. Easy peasy.

And now to today's bin:
  • plastic tray and inner wrapper from yesterday's chocolate biscuits
  • plastic wrapper from Ecover washing tablets
  • plastic tray and wrapper from vine tomatoes - they were a freebie - if I'd bought them they would have been placed straight into my bag
  • plastic wrapper from fusilli
  • foil Hula Hoop packet - a treat for my younger daughter who had to be brought home from school early because she was unwell

Still no concrete plans for next week. I'll have to pull my finger out tomorrow.


John Costigane said...

Hi Gai,

Great to see your reuse of leftovers. especially with children to feed. My life is easy. When it comes to food I always clear the plate.

Soup is one of my standards as well. Leeks are growing out back. Size wise they are 1/4 - 1/3 compared to good quality leeks in fruit/veg shops.

I do not do biscuits because of the packaging but containers / Tupperware could be used if confident enough.

Mrs Green said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better soon :)

mrs G x

Ellen Loudon said...

this is an impressive effort. many blessings. xxx

just Gai said...

I'm more of a cake than a biscuit person myself, John, but my husband and children love them, especially if they involve chocolate. I have a brilliant recipe where the dough is rolled to form a thick log which is wrapped (cling film is suggested, but greaseproof would do) and stored in the freezer. When you need biscuits you simply slice off as many as you like, pop them in the oven for 10 minutes et voila! It saves leftovers going soft and, if you arrange to bake them when you've got the oven on (which I'm not very good at) they don't require any extra energy.

Sorry to report that she wasn't any better today, Mrs Green, but I hope she'll have improved by tomorrow.

Thanks for your best wishes, Ellen.

John Costigane said...

Hi Gai,

That biscuit idea is good. Maybe you should add it to Mrs Green's MyZeroWaste baking post. I like biscuits but cannot buy them though my relations offer them when I visit. Maisie has already contributed there with great success.

Sharing good ideas is the way to build Zero Waste, since it is a growing trend.