Saturday, 20 September 2008

Day 13

This evening's meal of tuna fishcakes was inspired by leftovers: mashed potatoes left over from Thursday's dinner and half a tin of tuna from Friday's tuna mayonnaise sandwiches. I mixed them together with a couple of spoons of soured cream, a dozen chopped capers and a sprinkling of dill, dipped them in beaten egg and breadcrumbs and fried them until golden brown. They went down well with the troops.

I rarely throw leftover food away. It's packed in plastic containers (mostly saved from Chinese takeaways) and stored in the fridge. Cold meat is used for sandwiches. Rice and vegetables are used for stir fries (NB The official advice is that one should never reheat rice. However I have done so for years and never come to any harm. You must make your own mind up on the matter.) Bones are boiled up for stock. Puddings are reheated. Nothing is wasted.

For more ideas on how to reuse leftovers (plus a lot more besides) visit Love Food Hate Waste.

Now to today's bin:
  • plastic bag from McCain's oven chips
  • plastic wrapper from Asda pittas
  • plastic seal from milk carton
  • plastic lid from Tesco's soured cream carton
  • plastic envelope from greetings card
  • twisty


Mrs Green said...

Yum - that's exactly how I make fishcakes too and they go down really well. Esp. if I make them tiny for dd - she loves them!

I reheat rice too without any problems; it's much more economical to cook a pan full and then use it up, fried over the next few days.

Well done - the end of another successor week. How are you feeling about next week?

Mrs G x

just Gai said...

I'm not sure how I feel about next week Mrs Green. I think it's just about possible, but sometims waste sneaks up on you where you least expect it. I'm going to give it my best shot but not beat myself up if I don't achieve 100%. Whatever happens I know that it has changed some of the ways I live forever.