Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Day 9

This evening I listened with interest to a report linking BPA (Bisphenol A) with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The jury appears to be out as to whether the chemical is actually responsible for the conditions but there is cause for concern. BPA is found in a wide range of plastic products including some you wouldn't think contained plastic. For more details read the BBC report here. It reinforced my commitment to reduce, if not eliminate, plastic from my food and drink.There are a few more items in my bin today.
  • Marigold tub and lid. The lid is plastic. The tub is card but is lined with a silver material which may or may not be compostable.
  • Half a dozen plastic lids marked 4 or not at all
  • 2 empty blister packs

I've been doing some baking - flapjacks on Sunday and boiled fruit cake today. They'll replace the shiny foil wrapped Tunnock bars my daughters had in their lunch boxes last week. They are not completely waste free, as the oats, dried fruit and sugar came in plastic wrappers, but it's the best I can do at the moment.

We were almost out of loo roll. My husband was charged with buying a new supply in paper wrapping. He didn't manage, but came home with the next best thing - plastic wrapping that can be recycled instore with other plastic bags.


Mrs Green said...

well done on another successful day. Just for future reference, when your supplies run out, you can buy oats in cardboard - Mornflake is the make; there is no plastic inner for these. Sugar is available in paper too in most shops (depends which type you are using I guess, but I'm a bit or a recipe rebel and rarely buy what is asked for if it comes in plastic).

Well done on the toilet rolls!

Mrs G x

just Gai said...

Thanks for the tip about Mornflake. Coincidently I was browsing round Asda this afternoon and picked up a packet of Quaker Oats in a waste free cardboard box. What's more they are milled using power from renewable sources. What's even more they were on special offer for £1!

Mrs Green said...

Wow - sounds like you found the perfect oats then. I love it when things like that work out :)