Monday, 29 September 2008

Day 22

I said yesterday that plastic has a habit of sneaking up on you - and it did. I got safely as far as dinner this evening, which was shepherd's pie. I used the last few carrots from my organic vegetable box to boost our 5-a-day. The carrots came in a 100% biodegradable bag which can be recycled, but it had been secured with a tiny piece of sticky plastic tape. Darn!

However I am not going to let this pesky tape discourage me, as the rest of the day went well.

Breakfast was tea, toast, butter and jam. I took my own teabags to work. Two of my colleagues celebrated birthdays and I gave them recycled cards instead of buying new ones, which invariably come in a clear plastic envelope. I declined a chocolate from a plastic tray lined box and settled for a piece of cheesecake (well ... actually ... two pieces!) in a cardboard box. Dinner was the aforementioned cottage pie, with beetroot salad, followed by grapes.

It was surprisingly easy really.


Mrs Green said...

Well done on your first day, Just Gai. One tiny piece of tape is great, but as you say, goes to show how those annoying pieces of plastic can get into our life.

Glad the cheesecake was good!

Mrs G x

John Costigane said...

Hi Gai,

Reuse the tape until the end of the week. You can now buy cards of all kinds without cellophane.

Things are changing for the better.
Hopefully by Christmas, there will be no seasonal plastic waste! That might take a few years more.


LOL - sounds like you're having great fun. I get really annoyed by those plastic wrappers on cards. I normally hunt out cards without them. WH Smith do a good range but not recycled though. If I end up with any, I use them as money bags or as an alternative to envelopes when sending messages to school. Keep up the great work ;-D

jacobdog said...

Refering to your iron, all electrical items should now be recycled at the cost of the manufacturers. Its worth checking with the retailer you bought the new one off as they may do in-store take back; if not you can take it to the tip to be recycled. Its not illegal for you to put it in your black bin but it would be a shame - can friend or work colleague take it to the tip next time they make a journey?

just Gai said...

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

Unwrapped cards are available but I'm taken with the idea of making my own, usng recyled materials. In fact, I'm hoping to make my own Christmas cards in the half term holidays. Now that I've pruned my list down to include only people I won't see over the festive season, it should be manageable.

I shall make enquries in Argos and Sainsburys re the disosal of my iron. Otherwise the suggestion of asking a friend is a good one, thanks jacobdog.